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Having an Online Presence, is one of the most important aspects for any business. We are experts in creating lead engagement and patient retention for Healthcare Providers.

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We offer a Bundle of Marketing and Consulting Solutions

Our systematic approach allows you to optimize your presence and gain quality leads, but we don’t stop there. Our marketing is only as successful as those who handle patient care. This is why we take the next step for you. We monitor the journey of your leads and provide patient education and sales coaching for your team members for higher conversion rates.

Plans starting as low as $1,497.00 a month

Our Team of Experts is ready to Help You!

Whether it’s to gain an online or social media presence, reactive and win back old leads, patients or clients, or streamline in house processes, Healthcare Strategx is here to help.

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SEO & Keyword Management

Want to increase your website ranking when people search for you online?

Google Ads

Pop up as one of the top sources and websites when someone is searching for your products or services with Google Ads.

Facebook Ads

Want to increase the presence of your brand or offer cash priced products or services?

Google My Business (GMB)

Haven’t you noticed when you search for particular products or services, a practice, vendor or location typically shows up on the right of your desktop with the “best suited result”.

Organic Facebook & Instagram Posting

Don’t be afraid to showcase THE EXPERIENCE. Show how your product or service has changed lives in a positive, happier, and more fulfilled way.

Content Creation

The more information you provide, the more you identify as a viable resource on search engines (Google, Bing, etc.).

Review Automation

We all know if someone else speaks highly of a product or service we are more likely to go through with the purchase.

Email Campaigns

Nothing gets swept under the rug. Have leads which have not been converted or old patients, clients, or customers you want to winback?

Website Design & Creation

How you present yourself to the public’s eye digitally, has a great impact on how likely they are to choose you.

Our Experience is Our Best Attribute


Customer satisfaction rate


Websites designed and developed


Average lead conversion rates with our intake team sales training for out-of-network providers
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialized in Health Care Providers

Keyword Research

With a number of analytical tools, we are able to highlight common words and phrases people type into Google and other search engine platforms.

Content Creation

We help your business to create the content for your website with a Q&A focus on your products or services as well as adding the right keywords and phrases  increases your ranking and time spent on your website.

Marketing Campaigns Management

What may work one day or in one area, may not work in the other. This is why we ensure to optimize your campaigns daily to yield the greatest possible results.

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Custom Website Design and Development

Ecommerce Website and Custom Stores

With hundreds of designs to choose from, we help you pick the right website design for your specific needs.

API Integrations

We help to integrate your website with other services or IT solutions.

CMS and PHP Development

Our expertise allow us to work with different technologies, we can create your website using a CMS like WordPress or by coding the whole site using HTML and PHP code.

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Social Media Marketing

Engagement Boosters

We are experts in creating lead engagement and patient retention for Healthcare Providers.

Online Directories Management

With our SEO services, your business will be added to hundreds of online directories. Helping this way to increase your business authority on the internet.


The unique look and feel of your company is in good hands. We can create your logo, website, brochures, etc. Everything to make your business stand out.

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